Hey, Chelsea here! Back on episode 145 of the podcast (I’m All Booked Up) the guys had a very special guest on the podcast – me! For my Pick of the Week I chose an app, Postagram, that you use to create, order, and mail someone a postcard. I had used it a few times and really liked it. Of course, Nate had to try and one-up me by knowing about another postcard app, Photocard.

I hadn’t actually seen the final product from Postagram (I sent them to friends far away) and Nate hadn’t used Photocard (he saw it on a video podcast). We decided that maybe we should order one from each app and send them to ourselves to compare the entire process and final products.

The idea of being on vacation and being able to create a custom postcard with a picture you just took, then send it to one or many people, and not have to worry about having stamps or finding a post office is pretty cool.

After comparing two postcard printing apps, Postagram and Photocard, I would recommend both of them. They are both easy, affordable and produce a fun, quality product. There are some differences between the two apps, most notably, the size of the postcard. Postagram’s is about 4X6 inches and Photocard’sis almost twice that at 5.5X8.25 inches.

Postagram’s postcard is super quick and easy to design and order. The Photocard app is a little more complex, but still fairly simple, and there are more customization options available. They both cost about $2 and took approximately the same amount of time to arrive in the mail after ordering, 3-4 days.

Below is a table comparing details of the two apps. After trying both, I’d say if you’re looking for a quick, casual postcard to create and mail super fast, go with Postagram. If you’re looking for something that you can spend more time on customizing and making really nice, I’d go with Photocard.

PostagramPhotocard (by Bill Atkinson)
Size: 4X6Size: 5.5X8.25
Smallish photo on text on front (detachable)Large photo on front
Address and text on back as wellAddress and text on back
Choice of about 15 simple templates with customizable colorsCustomizable stamp, customizable ‘stickers’, collage options, stock photo options
Saves cards sent in appSaves cards sent in app
E-mail update for ordered and shippedE-mail update for order, printing and shipped
Took three days to arriveTook four days to arrive
Cardstock type paper with semi-glossHigh-gloss
Super quick and convenientApp is slightly more complex. I couldn’t figure out a couple of the functions, like ‘background’


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