Notnerd is the brain child of Nate Heath and Dave Baehler. After many years of managing separate, yet similar websites, they decided it was time to work together for the common good. With a primary focus on Apple products and services, our goal is to create compelling content about all kinds of technology, from outside the tech bubble. It’s our job to sort through all the noise, sift out the good stuff and present it in an easy to understand format.

Launched in early 2016, Notnerd started with a simple website (with some content merged from our earlier projects) and a podcast. Along with social media, this website and the NOTNERD podcast will be our primary outlets for technology news, reviews and insights focused on the end user and a better tech experience.

Dave has always been enamored with technology. He was created for the internet age and learning new things is his passion. He is a student of “all things digital” and never hopes to graduate.

As an in-home tech consultant, Dave’s goal is to connect people to technology in practical ways and from a perspective they can understand.

Being a father of two teenagers, Dave’s view on technology for kids has evolved as his children have grown. In many ways, technology has grown up faster than his kids. That’s why he feels it is important to be informed about the latest trends online and in social media to better navigate the ever changing digital landscape.

email: @davyb

Nate has been fiddling with technology since elementary school, even before computers were available. Later receiving a college degree to teach computers to kids, through many different jobs and industries he strives to use technology “better.”

Currently running his own business focused on tech full time and constantly learning and discovering ways to use tech better, he is always looking for a way to share what he has learned.

email: twitter: @netback