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Episode 260: You Can Be The Hacker

Episode 260: You Can Be The Hacker

This week we are joined by our friend and fan of the show Wes Rice. He brings some great insights, questions, and laughs to the show (he also made the special artwork). We also found time to cover what little tech news there was over the week. Enjoy!

Episode 259: There’s a Lot of Money in Money

Episode 259: There’s a Lot of Money in Money

In this episode, we’ve got plenty of great tips for using your devices better and cover some great options for cell phone plans. Plus there’s all the week’s tech news that you might care about.

Episode 258: Memories Are Fleeting

Episode 258: Memories Are Fleeting

We’ve both got iPhone 12 Pro Maxes in our hands and Nate got his hands on a 12 Mini. We discuss our first impressions and then get into a wide range of tech news and tips, including a deep dive into all of the features of the iOS Camera app.

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