One thing there never seems to be a short of is iPhone cases and with that come some very unique cases. Here are a few I have come across recently:

The iHit [$20]- This the brain child of some guys who are trying to raise about $10,000 (off to a slow start) to produce their case. The thought behind it? It has a compartment to hold a one hitter, which not being a smoker of any sort didn’t mean a whole lot to me. Turns out it is a device for taking one hit of whatever substance you are looking to smoke. They also mention that you could use it to hold pills or whatever else would fit.

Jelly Belly Cases [$15]- The company that brings us the amazingly irresistible Jelly Bellys recently announced that they were jumping into the iPhone case market with scented, yes scented, cases. I put this down as a total novelty because it seems like it would get annoying pretty quickly, unless it was my favorite, hot buttered popcorn. But if you are true fan, this might be the case for you! (via Engadget)

Tasty iPhone Cases [$who knows]- Came across this random gallery of some truly ridiculous cases. Don’t know where you could track these down and I am not sure I would tell you if I did. But hey, they are fun to look at. (via TechEBlog)


iPhone 4G DIY Case [$18]- I posted this on Facebook and Twitter but figured I would mention it again here. It is a case where you can cross-stitch your own design on the back. Not a case for me but I could see that this would be cool for the crafty.


That is what I have for now, but I am sure there will be more. There is a case for just about anything, just check out the Amazon iPhone Case Search. If you are looking for a certain kind of case let me know in the comments.



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