What other tech podcast covers CNN Max, the Lochness Monster, and swimming pools this week? August is a slow news month in the tech world, but we make up for it with 6 more great re-picks of the week to wrap up “All Re-pick August.” Enjoy!

Intro (00:00)


Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week:  Search the web by voice (24:00)

Just the headlines: (28:30)


Bonus Odd Take: Very minimalist movie posters (38:45)

Re-Picks of the Week: 


  • Software: GamePigeon – Ep. 84 Piggyback on Peggy Bick – 7/20/17 (42:10)
  • Hardware: iPad – Ep. 94 Hey Siri, Down Periscope! 9/28/17 (45:00)
  • Other: Reelgood – Ep. 231: All My Parties Be Drive-bys – 5/13/20 (46:50)


  • Software: Paste Clipboard Management – Ep. 219: Trendy Dystopian Products 2/19/20 (49:50)
  • Hardware: Neewer Lighting – Episode 329: Win One for the Giffer 3/30/23 (53:10)
  • Other: Swimply – Episode 289: A Little WiFi Hygiene 6/23/21 (56:50)

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