The Chinese spy balloon is back in the news, Ford is getting rid of AM radio, and the Bitcoin whitepaper is already in your Mac. That and so much more to help you get out there and tech better!


Traveling – airplane wifi and services (01:00)

Spring Cleaning apps update (03:30)

Pixel 6A in-screen fingerprint reader security (08:10)

Super Mario Bros. Passes Frozen II for highest animated opening with $377 Million (09:40)

ChatGPT could be sued for lying (11:10)

Twitter labeling goverment affiliated media accounts (12:45)

Chinese spy balloon gathered military intelligence (14:40)

What does ‘genuine leather’ mean? (17:15)

Ford to drop AM radio in most new vehicles (19:45)

We missed World Backup Day again (22:35)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Copy and Paste Photo Edits (25:15) 


“TikTok” ban bill is so broad is so broad it could apply to nearly any type of tech product (:0529)

Thieves tunnel through coffee shop to steal $500K in iPhones from Washington Apple Store (30:40)

The Bitcoin white paper is hidden in every modern copy of MacOS (33:20)

Justice Dept. investigating leak of classified Pentagon documents (35:25)

Bonus Odd Take: The most popular song from each month since January 1980 (37:10)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap Ash CF-AS-3  (39:05)

Nate: Facer App – Apple Watch Faces (41:35)

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