We’ve both been doing some traveling lately, so we’ve got some tech travel tips to share. Plus, we’ve got all the SBF and Elon Musk news you’ve been waiting for and so much more. Enjoy and tech better!


SBF funding legal case with money he gifted his father from the company (01:05)

SBF charged with paying $40M Chinese bribe (02:05)

Elon Musk now most-followed on Twitter (03:10)

Celebrities don’t want to pay for blue check (06:05)

Elon Musk and others sign open letter to stop AI (08:40)

T-Mobile customers can now make calls using Alexa devices (10:25)

Apple Music Classical is now available (12:10)

Apple’s WWDC taking place June 5-9 (14:00)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Tech Travel Tips (15:25)


GM killing CarPlay support and choice (26:15)

Meta wants EU users to apply for permission to opt out of data collection (28:15)

Jony Ive created King Charles’ coronation logo (29:50)

Everything hacked at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 (31:45)

Bonus Odd Take: Take the very first Mac for a full test drive (33:25)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Neewer 40.5MM Lens Filter Kit(UV+CPL+ND4) with Filter Pouch for Sony A6000, NEX Series Cameras with 16-50mm Lens and Samsung NX300 with 20-50mm Lens (35:45)

Nate: USB C Fast Charger, Sacrack 100W GaN Compact 6 Port USB C Charging Station, Portable USB C Wall Charger Adapter 3 USB C and 3 QC USB A for All iPad iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max Pixel Note Galaxy (39:05) 

Notpicks Giveaway (43:00)

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