In this episode, we’ve covered NFTs, GPTs, SBF, FCC, and SVB. And if you’re not into 3-letter acronyms, we’ve got the rest of the week’s tech news and some great picks and tips for you to tech better. Enjoy!


Social Media Marketing World (01:00)

NFTs are going strong… at Starbucks as stamps (05:00)

OpenAI rolls out GPT-4 (07:10)

SBF got $2B in loans from his own company (09:40)

Facebook to cut about 11,000 more jobs Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers (10:35)

FCC orders phone companies to block scam text messages (11:50)

Samsung’s new Texas chip plant cost now over $25B (13:05)

YouTubeTV prices going up again YouTubeTV rolls out multi view for March Madness (14:50)

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, March 2023 (19:20)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Phishing schemes, mobile browsers, app downloads, VPN, device management (20:35)


SVB and others go under Etsy payments delayed after SVB demise Roku had a ton of money at SVB (26:00)

T-Mobile to buy Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile in a $1.35B deal (32:20)

HP printer update bricks third-party ink (34:45)

The privacy loophole in your doorbell (36:45)

Americans lost record $10.3B in online scams last year (41:00)

Bonus Odd Take(s): Book a minute (42:30)

Tetris release now closer to WWII than today (48:15)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave:  SmallRig Cage with Built-in Quick Release Plate for Arca-Swiss and Cold Shoe for Sony ZV-E10- 3531 (50:30)

Nate:  Amazon Flowers (53:25)

Notpicks Giveaway (56:10)

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