AI is everywhere, it will even take your phone calls for you or be your personal radio DJ. That might make you want to check out the Global Day of Unplugging that we cover. That and so much more to help you tech better!


Samsung says users will be able to clone voice to respond to calls (02:00)

Spotify launches DJ, AI-powered music and commentary (05:15)

ChatGPT launches boom in AI-written e-books (06:10)

Pixel’s Magic Eraser coming to iOS (09:45)

Amazon Health and One Medical (12:45)

Microsoft is forcibly removing Internet Explorer from your PC (17:30)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Indent a list in Apple Notes (19:30)


Global Day of Unplugging (23:30)

Is the Apple Watch being banned? (27:15)

Original iPhone sells for $63,356 at auction (30:55)

Valve bans 40,000 accounts after laying a trap for cheaters in Dota 2 (32:35)

Crypto mining operation found in school crawl space (33:50)

Pirated Final Cut Pro infects Mac with crypto-mining malware (35:40)

Woman not happy with Apple after iPhone stolen (37:25)

Bonus Odd Take: A.N. Lucas’s 88×31 button collection (42:45)

Picks of the Week:

Dave: Omniklad for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, 100% Genuine Leather Magnetic Cell Phone Case Compatible with MagSafe, Microfiber Lining, All-Round Protection, Barrier Pro Semi Flexible Case – Brown (45:45)

Bonus Odd Pick: All-in-One Audiobook by Playaway (49:30)

Nate: 540° Rotation Magnetic Charging Cable, 3 in 1 Magnetic Phone Charger [4-Pack, 3ft/3ft/6ft/10ft] 3A Fast Charging Cable Support Data Transfer USB Magnet Charger Cable for iPhone/Micro USB/Type C Device (52:45)

Notpicks Giveaway (57:40)

Isla’s Girl Scout Cookie Link (58:45)

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