There’s a lot of AI news to cover this week, call us crazy, but we think this might be a thing. We’ve also got some Super Bowl talk, tech job cuts, balloons, bloated phones, and so much more. Enjoy!


Super Bowl Ads (00:55)

FTX’s new boss explains security weaknesses (05:15)

Mastadon continues to lose users (07:00)

Google Bard flubs answer in ad (09:40)

Microsoft’s ChatGPT event (11:25)

You can jailbreak ChatGPT (12:10)

Getty Images sues Stable Diffusion for copyright infringement (13:10)

Disney cutting 7000 jobs (14:05)

Yahoo to lay off more than 20% of staff (115:55)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Control+Enter for spreadsheets and more ()


US shoots down 4th object from the sky (21:20)

Samsung Galaxy S23 comes with 60GB of storage used (23:50)

SF subway runs off floppy disks (25:35)

Until further notice, think twice before using Google to download software (26:50)

Windows 11: a spyware machine out of users’ control (29:00)

Bonus Odd Take: Vulture’s Stunt Awards (30:20)

Picks of the Week:

Dave: Synology DS420j NAS (32:05)

Nate:  Free PDF Tools (38:30)

Notpicks Giveaway (41:35)

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