We spend some time getting caught up on ChatGPT for the first part of the show. After that, we get into our usual wandering through a wide range of tech news, tips, and picks. Enjoy!


ChatGPT Plus (00:55)

ChatGPT won’t talk about Trump (04:10)

ChatGPT sets record for fasting-growing user base (05:20)

Google will unveil ChatGPT competitor (05:40)

The slickest con artist of all time (07:00)

Amazon’s drone delivery off to a slow start (10:20)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Filter Unknown Senders (12:10)


MrBeast gets flack for helping 1,000 blind people (15:50)

Apple quarterly results More than 2 billion active devices (20:15)

Amazon reports first unprofitable year since 2014 (21:45)

Smart appliance makers sad that 50% of customers won’t connect their appliances (22:55)

Netflix hasn’t confirmed plans to stop password sharing yet (24:30)

Bonus Odd Take: Vintage calculator emulators (25:35)

Picks of the Week:

Dave: COOPLUS Mens Ankle Socks Athletic Cushioned Breathable Low Cut Tab With Arch Support-6Pairs (28:45)

Nate: Thwip (33:00)

Notpicks Giveaway (37:10)

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