The FTX debacle and Twitter are still providing plenty of excitement. Add in China, some AI, and great pro tips and picks, and you have an episode, my friends. Plus stick around to the end to hear about our Notpicks giveaway! Enjoy!


SBF does media tour after FTX collapse (02:15)

Twitter – Apple fued, Hunter Biden story, user growth (03:15)

Apple restricts AirDrop in China (06:20)

Apple’s iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite Feature Saves Stranded Man in Alaska (09:05)

Kanye West isn’t buying Parler after all (10:25)

MrBeast Burger (10:45)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Adding EXIF data to Photos on Mac and iPhone (11:55)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) research company OpenAI on Wednesday announced ChatGPT, a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot capable of understanding natural language and responding in natural language (19:30)

YouTube lists top trending videos, creators, and songs of 2022 (24:30)

Comcast raises Broadcast TV fee (31:20)

LastPass Security Incident (32:40)

Bonus Odd Take: (34:55)

Picks of the Week:

Dave: Wyze Night Light (37:40)

Nate: Apple Watch Ultra (41:30)

Notpicks Giveaway (48:00)

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