Well, a lot of the tech news isn’t positive this week, especially if you lost your job or had money invested in FTX. But as always, we make the best of it and give you some great tips and picks so that you can tech better. Enjoy!


Headlight Restoration (01:00)

This week in Twitter (03:00)

Tumblr will sell you two blue checks for $8 (05:15)

Meta laying off 11K (05:40)

Amazon is set to lay off about 10K this week (06:00)

Amazon unveils smaller delivery drone that can fly in rain (06:20)

Amazon becomes the world’s first company to lose $1 Trillion in market value (07:10)

Apple’s $191 Billion single-day surge sets stock-market record (09:20)

Patch Tuesday next week (09:55)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: How to spark joy in your digital life with Marie Kondo and Google One (10:15)


The collapse of crypto firm FTX and its superstar founder explained to those who know nothing about crypto (17:00)

UN initiative will use satellites to detect methane emission hotspots (24:40)

Carvana bought my car for more than I paid new has lost 98 percent of its value (26:35)

Zoom adding mail and calendar feature (29:35)

Bonus Odd Take: Microsoft brings helicopters, gliders, and the Spruce Goose to its Flight Simulator (31:05)

Picks of the Week:

Dave: Palette.fm (33:00)

Nate: CyberPower ST425 Standby UPS System, 425VA/260W, 8 Outlets, Compact (35:50)v

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