There’s a wide range of stories to get caught up on this week, including two stories about the NFL and the future of Darth Vader’s voice. We’ve also got some great tips and picks, all to help you tech better.


Nate’s iPhone 14 Pro (01:00)

Stratechery Plus from Ben Thompson (07:30)

California voted for cheaper Uber rides, it may have hurt drivers (09:00)

Amazon scores big with first Thursday Night Football game (10:40)

NFL introduces the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show (12:10)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Screenshot copy and delete (13:10)


James Earl Jones is retiring from Darth Vader, But an AI firm owns his voice (15:20)

Amazon is tightening its ebook return policy to thwart BookTok (18:15)

Spotify launches audiobooks business (20:05)

Wegmans stops using their self-checkout app after suffering losses (21:45)

Meta sued over tracking iPhone users through in-app browser (22:45)

Bonus Odd Take: (24:35)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Godsund Smart Switch (26:50)

Nate: Farkle Scorekeeper (29:00)

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