You’ve been waiting for NFT and metaverse stories, and we’ve got a few stacked up, spoiler alert, they’re not doing so well. Dave’s got a great tip, and we both have some great picks that will help you tech better. Enjoy!


Uber reports another big loss, beats on revenue (01:00)

Bird scooters not coming to Tualatin (03:00)

The metaverse real estate boom turns into a bust (05:10)

Pearson hopes to make money with NFT textbooks (06:25)

GameStop launches NFT market (09:10)

Chevy’s first foray into NFT auctions was a bust (09:50)

NFL+ enters sports streaming wars (12:20)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Pin conversations in Messages (14:50)


Amazon to acquire Roomba maker iRobot for $1.7B (19:45)

Airbnb makes party ban permanent (22:15)

Is DALL-E’s art borrowed or stolen (23:30)

AMD surpassed Intel in market capitalization (25:50)

Drone contraband deliveries are rampant in prison (28:40)

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan causes a plague of cyber attacks (31:50)

Bonus Odd Take: The Shakespeare Insult Generator (34:04)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: GripTight Smart, Phone clamp for Smartphones (36:40)

Nate: RollingSquare Incharge XL Cables (40:30)

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