The robots have started their revolution, all over a chess game with a child. Put on your tinfoil hat, listen in to hear about that, and plenty more this week in the world of technology. Enjoy!


Webb telescope suffered ‘uncorrectable damage’ (02:30)

Amazon is buying primary care tech provider One Medical for $3.9B (05:10)

Amazon sues 10K Facebook groups over fake reviews (09:50)

Microsoft latest big tech company to slow hiring (11:40)

Instagram is becoming TikTok (13:35)

FCC still says TikTok should be removed from app stores (15:05)

FCC is cracking down on ‘auto warranty’ robocalls (16:50)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: & Merge Contacts (18:40)


BeReal is the top app in the App Store right now (23:10)

Rene Ritchie becomes Youtube Creator Liaison (26:30)

Apple reaches $50M settlement over defective MacBook keyboards (29:25)

Chess-playing robot breaks boy’s finger at Moscow tournament (32:25)

Gun applicants in NY will have to list social media accounts (34:10)

Bonus Odd Take: Medieval versions of contemporary corporate logos (37:20)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Nintendo 3DS XLAll that Glitters Pawn Shop (38:40)

Nate: FAIRWIN Ratchet Belts for Men, Golf Web Belt for Jeans with Automatic Buckle Adjustable Tactical Nylon Mens Gun Belt (41:35)

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