On top of all of our usual discussion and coverage of tech news, tips, and picks, we take some time to walk through our weekly process to get the podcast into your ears. Enjoy!


Anker MagGo (01:00)

Google Maps Immersive View (02:35)

Wendy’s opens first VR Restaurant (05:20)

Amazon new Fire 7 tablet with USB-C (07:05)

Spotify tests letting artists promote NFTs on their profiles (10:45)

MiamiCoin price dropped 95% (11:35)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Don’t sync do not disturb (Focus) across devices (12:55)

The Notnerd podcast process explained – Happy Birthday Chris (16:50)


Meta freezes hiring for shopping, Messenger Kids, and other products (26:25)

Tesla, Microsoft, and Ubuntu bugs found during Pwn2Own (27:30)

Bonus Odd Take: Enter the Comedy Pet Photography Awards (29:40)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: FreeVee (31:40)

Nate: CollX Sportscard tracking app (36:40)

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