Well, the whole Twitter, Elon Musk story keeps taking new turns, but there’s plenty of other tech to talk about this week. We’ve got some great tips and picks throughout this episode to help you tech better.


Wyze Air Purifier (02:40)

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, April 2022 (04:50)

CNN+ struggles in the early days (06:40)

Lockpicking Lawyer (11:05)

NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet is not worth much after originally selling for $2.8 million (12:30)

Bored Apes Go Hollywood With Coinbase-Produced Movie Trilogy (13:55)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week:  What to do with an old iPhone After You’ve Moved to a New One (15:05)


Elon Musk makes $43 billion bid to take Twitter private Elon Musk no longer Twitter’s largest shareholder Twitter adopts poison pill in bid to thwart Elon Musk takeover (23:15)

Meta looking to charge nearly 50% fee for selling things in the Metaverse (30:05)

Google releases Switch to Android app for iPhones (32:20)

Muting your mic on teleconferencing doesn’t mean big tech isn’t listening (35:00)

Bonus Odd Take: The FBI Guide to Internet Slang (37:30)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Chipolo CARD Spot (42:10)

Nate: Harwerrel Tripod Quick Release Plate Camera Mount Adapter Replacement for CX-444 CX-888 CX-460 CX-460mini CX-470 CX-570 CX-690 DF-50 VCT-D580RM VCT-D680RM VCT-R640 (Pack of 2) (45:55)

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