After we discuss the other podcast you need to go listen to because we were guests, we get into our regular cornucopia of tech news, tips, and picks, enjoy!


Mark and ToddCast (00:50)

Apple launches Driver’s License feature on iPhone in Arizona (03:30)

YouTube is adding ad-supported shows and movies (06:05)

Steve Wilhite, creator of the Gif passes away (09:05)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Quickly select multiple items on iPhone (10:50)


Instagram launches chronological and ‘favorites’ feeds for all users (13:40)

CODA wins best picture Oscar (15:35)

5G drains your battery faster (17:30)

Guy tries to have Apple Mouse charge while using the device (20:15)

Security and Privacy: Teen suspected by cyber researchers of being Lapsus$ mastermind (23:05)

Bonus Odd Take: GoPro camera inside a dishwasher (25:40)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Xbox Game Pass (27:15)

Nate: Neewer (30:10)

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