Another week, another fine selection of tech news, tips, and picks to assist you in getting out there and teching better.


Chapters on YouTube version of the podcast (01:10)

Universal Control (03:30)

Starlink is working great in Ukraine (08:00)

Tile launches anti-stalking safety feature (10:45)

Wyze Gun Safe (12:45)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week:  Scanning photos with your phone (15:50)


Apple Studio and Studio Display (26:35)

Meta rolls out Instagram’s promised parental controls (28:50)

Meta cuts employee perks (31:50)

Cowbell Cyber raises $100M (35:50)

Bonus Odd Take: Roland50 Studio (37:55)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Anker (39:55)

Nate: Galaga Wars+ Apple ArcadeEpisode 56 (42:30)

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