We’ve got bridges, crypto, Netflix, spaceships, illusions, and loofahs to discuss this week, all part of our tireless effort to help you tech better!


The bridge will not be dismantled (01:00)

The previous largest stock drop was also Facebook (02:00)

Mike’s laptop (03:30)

Microsoft Feb. Patch Tuesday (04:30)

Cryptowatch: Canadian Trucker Convoy raises over $450K using Bitcoin (06:00)

Alfa Romeo using NFT and blockchain for new vehicles (07:55)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Netflix Codes (10:00)


Apple announces Tap to Pay on iPhone (15:20)

Space X Starship (19:00)

Meta’s threat to EU backfires (20:55)

Factory contamination ruins 6.5 million terabytes of flash storage (22:45)

Bonus Odd Take: Illusion of the Year (25:15)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Old Game Shelf (26:55)

Nate: COSYLAND 8” Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld Combo High Pressure 9 Settings with 11” Extension Arm 60″ Hose, Stainless Steel with Chrome Finish Bath Showerhead, Height/Angle Adjustable,Chrome (30:15)

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