This week we’ve got a variety of tech stories to discuss, a few of them are even positive. Stick around for some great picks to finish the episode. Enjoy!


Free Covid test ordering – (01:35)

Locket App (06:45)

Amazon, Meta report record lobbying spending in 2021 (08:25)

Apple Mac’s 38th Birthday (09:55)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: HDMI soundbar (12:10)


Microsoft buying Activision sinks Sony stock (18:00)

Apple now requires verification for education purchases (20:50) confirms hundreds of accounts were hacked (22:05)

The MY2022 Olympics app is a security/privacy mess (23:45)

Bonus Odd Take: Outdoor cats are using Starlink satellite dishes to keep warm (25:25)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Spigen Silicone Fit [2 Pack] Designed for Apple AirTag Case Cover AirTag Holder with Adhesive Sticker on Silicone for Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Outdoor Accessories (27:05)

Nate: Wordle, Letterle (32:10)

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