Gather the family around the fire with some egg nog so that you can all tech better this holiday season. We’ve got all the weeks tech news, a bunch of pro tips, and some great picks for you and yours.


Nate’s MBP (01:40)

LastPass is going independent again (04:45)

Pixelmator Photo comes to iPhone (07:05)

YouTube TV drops Disney owned channels and price for a few days (09:20)

Dave – Sound experiment failure (11:00)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Wayback Machine (13:15)


The Metaverse has a groping problem (15:45)

A bug in Android and Microsoft Teams causes 911 calls to fail (19:25)

$300K NFT accidentally sold for $3K (20:50)

Apple launches Find My detector app (23:00)

Log4Shell vulnerability is massive (25:25)

Bonus Odd Take: Centennial Light Bulb Cam (27:55)

Bonus Bonus: Amazingly Awkward Christmas Playlist Spotify iTunes (30:40)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: RIP VHS swagYouTube Channel (33:15)

Nate: Dave’s Gifts – Cult of Mac Book, Portable Watch Charger ()

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