We cover a wide range of tech news in this episode and spend quite a while discussing what Amazon says are the hottest tech gifts of 2021, listen in to see if you agree.


Vizio makes twice as much profit on ads, subscriptions, and data (02:10)

Standard eBooks (04:25)

We missed the NFT.NYC conference (06:00)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Translate text with a tap (07:35)


Apple launching do-it-yourself repair program for iPhones (12:00)

Amazon announces hottest tech gifts of 2021 (15:55)

IBM launches 127-qubit Eagle quantum processor (26:05)

Hoax email blast abused poor coding in FBI website (27:15)

Robinhood data breach (28:00)

Bonus Odd Take: Scan of the month: Minifig (30:30)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: TORRO Magnetic Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6th Gen 2021 – Genuine Leather Cover with [Multiple Viewing Angles] [Wake/Sleep Enabled] (Black) (32:05)

Nate: Ocenaudio free audio editor (35:20)

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