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Episode 441: Vision Pro + Quest 3 Swap – Which is better? + Tech News, Tips, & More

Nate and Dave swapped their Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 headsets to see how they compare. Plenty of other tech news as well, including Microsoft's new Copilot+ PCs and Scarlett Johansson suing ChatGPT. Of course, we have picks, ProTips, and more tech news, all...

Episode 440: ChatGPT (and Gemini) Want to be Your Friend

OpenAI introduced some big updates to ChatGPT Monday, the day before Google announced a bunch of AI news at their I/O keynote. Both of them, as well as the others, want to be a big part of every aspect of your life. Is this a good thing? We will discuss it and share our thoughts. Plus, we have some other tech news to catch up on after Apple’s iPad event last week.

Episode 439: Apple Let Loose Event Breakdown* – iPads, Pencils, and more

Apple showed their Let Loose iPad event this morning. In the hardware department, Apple announced new iPad Airs, M4 iPad Pros, a new Magic Keyboard, and the new Pencil Pro. They also talked about Final Cut Pro 2, Logic Pro 2, and the new Final Cut camera app. Some...

Episode 438: Another Week, Another AI Gadget – Rabbit R1 + Tech Tips, Picks, and Other News!

Well, the reviews are out on the Rabbit R1. How does it compare to the Humane AI Pin or Limitless? Do we really need another gadget to do AI for us? Plus, what's the deal with the TikTok ban? We also announce the winner of our Notpicks giveaway! And all the other tech...

Episode 437: Zuck’s Llama 3 and Meta AI + Tech Tips, Picks, and Other News!

Over at Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has released the Open-Source Llama 3 and integrated it into Meta AI. He also put it in sunglasses. In related news, has big news about the Quest platform. Then we get on to the rest of the week’s tech news, with some great tips and picks to help you tech better!

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