I was forwarded a Facebook post last night about someone’s “billion-dollar” idea for the iPhone. They wanted Apple to give them app recommendations based on apps they have/liked. Well I hate to tell them but several people beat them to the punch. I will cover some others soon but one very interesting new entry into this field is an app called Zwapp.

One of the most popular conversation topics between two iPhone owners starts with “What apps do you have?” I cannot tell you how many times I have done this. Well, Zwapp takes that conversation onto your iPhone.

Once you download Zwapp from MillMobile you create a free account and Zwapp will scan your iPhone for what apps you have. You can give apps a thumbs up or leave a review.

Now comes the fun part, Zwapp is a social network app. You can connect to friends that have the app through your Twitter or Facebook account, your iPhone address book or just search for users to follow.

You are now ready to discover new apps. You can see what your friends are downloading and like as well as browse popular apps on Zwapp. There is also a very interesting “Popular apps your friends don’t have yet” list so you can be the one telling your friends what apps to get.

Zwapp [free] Zwapp - MillMobile

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