Windows 10 Update
It is no secret that Microsoft has been very aggressive with wanting Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10. They are all in on Windows 10 and say that it is the last operating system they will ever release, a bold statement to say the least. They have even been offering it as a free update to 7 and 8.1 users, which they remind you of daily and have even tried to trick you into updating.

According to Microsoft, this free update option expires July 29th, 2016 and I do not doubt they will be pushing even harder this last month to get you updated.

It is the question I have got the most lately, so I figured I would share my thoughts with you to help you decide if Windows 10 is right for you.


  • If your computer is company owned, or you use it to do work, please consult your IT department or provider. There are a lot of things that aren’t quite ready for the work environment. (If you need an IT provider, let me know)
  • If you do decide to upgrade, please be confident that you have a full backup of your computer before you start. I have seen bad things happen to people’s computers. (If you need help backing up, let me know)
  • If you use any special software, printers, scanners or anything else that is a little special, make sure it is compatible with Windows 10 before upgrading.
  • Microsoft says you can “roll back” to your earlier version of Windows if something goes wrong, don’t trust Microsoft.
  • Be careful, I have had some clients share a lot of money with me to get back up and running after trying to (or accidentally) updating to Windows 10. Did I mention having a good backup?

Who I think should upgrade (Unless any of the disclaimers above apply):

  • Unless any of the disclaimers above apply, if you are on Windows 8.1 go ahead and upgrade. There are a lot of improvements over Windows 8.1
  • People who like new things and change. If you are on Windows 7 it will seem a lot different, but not as different as Windows 8.1
  • People with newer computers. If a little sticker on your computer says Windows 8 or 10, you should be okay. I would say you should be okay if you bought your computer new in the last 2 years.

Who I think shouldn’t upgrade:

  • People with older, slower computers. If your computer has been around for a while it probably won’t be real strong with Windows 10 and might not update at all.
  • People who love Windows 7. I work with Windows 7 a lot, it is still really good and Microsoft is going to keep updating it for several more years. Maybe wait until you get a new machine to move to 10.

Other Tips and Info on Windows 10:

  • Microsoft has a Windows 10 Emulator so you can test out how it works. There is also a page with many of the Windows 10 Features.
  • If you want to stick with what you have, use the GWX Control Panel utility. You can make sure the update doesn’t happen and make the prompts go away!
  • Don’t use Microsoft’s new Edge browser, it isn’t ready for prime time. Internet Explorer is still installed or use Google Chrome.
  • Windows 10 is designed to be the same on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones (even though it seems like they are out of the phone game) This means it has touch features built-in and a lot flexibility, but you need a touch screen to use it.
  • If your machine falls under the too old to upgrade, start a piggy bank for a new machine. If you really want a great computer don’t forget about Apple.

If you want to hear me talk more about Windows 10 check out Episode 15 of the Notnerd Podcast.

If you have any questions, answers, stories or anything else about Windows 10 let us know here or on the social medias.

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