I have been stewing on this idea and sitting on this domain for a few months but decided to throw it up now for one reason. Tomorrow, June 6th kicks off Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) where all the people that make apps and stuff for Apple nerd out. It will all start off with a keynote presentation at 10am(PST) on what Apple has up it’s sleeve. In something Apple doesn’t usually do, they let us know what they will be covering tomorrow:

  • The new OSX Lion operating system (Mac Computers)
  • The new iOS5 operating system (iPhone, iPad, Touch)
  • Apple’s new mysterious iCloud (Everything)

I personally will be following the coverage on Engadget to watch minute by minute will be happening. The new iOS5 will, I am sure, bring a ton of new features to your iPhone that will need explaining. iCloud will also bring a whole new world to the iPhone, letting you sync stuff with the “cloud.”

I will work on some posts tomorrow letting you know what you need to know and then moving forward with getting this site going.


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