I am what most people would call an Apple nerd, or fanboy. Since 1999 I have sworn allegiance to all things Steve Jobs (the CEO of Apple). One nice summer day in July of 2007 I visited my local AT&T Store and my life changed forever. Yep, I picked up the first version of the iPhone the day it came out for $600 (the cheapest option at the time).

Any ways enough about me, so why did I start this site? I have realized two things about life recently:

  • Never assume that some one else knows what you know.
  • It is not what you know in this world, it is how quickly you can find what you need to know.

I know that not everyone spends too much of their time reading Apple news sites. While Apple does an amazing job of making things simple there is a lot about the iPhone that people just don’t know. With over 400,000 apps and tons of features it would be a full time job to know how to do things…

So I am going to share what I know, help answer questions and hopefully help you figure out how to make life with your iPhone a little better in layman’s terms.

Note: I know I am using the default template. The site is going to see a lot of updates but I wanted to get it going.


Disclaimer: This was originally posted on layPhone.com and was migrated to this site when Nate and Dave started Notnerd.com.

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