For most people this is a tough question to answer. There are millions, probably billions, of different websites out there which cover everything. An easy answer would be Google because it gets me to sites and so much more. I could also shamelessly promote my own sites like or, but I wouldn’t do that (see what I did there?). There are hilarious sites like or that make me giggle. But I think that the site that is the most help to my life in general is

Lifehacker, you guessed it, hacks life. They provide articles on how to do just about anything better/easier/quicker/cheaper. They cover everything from how to best cook bacon to how to take better naps. They have a lot of smart writers and use their reader base for even more help.

Since I am posting this on layPhone you can probably also guess that they cover the iPhone on a regular basis. When I just did a search on their site 2515 articles popped up for iPhone. Two of their recent articles prompted me to write this post:

Top 10 Ways to Save Money With Your Smartphone

Here’s Everything Your iPhone Home Button Can Do


I personally follow them via RSS feed (what’s an RSS feed you ask?) but you can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Give lifehacker a try for 30 days, if you don’t learn something I will give your money back (there is no money involved).

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