Wes R. asked this question on Facebook and said his friend’s iPhone battery is dying way too quickly. I have had the same problem especially when I get a ton of apps going.

The sad thing is there is not an app solution for this. On the iPhone 3G or earlier there was a way to do this but on the iPhone 3gs or iPhone4 there isn’t a one touch way to do it due to Apple’s app restrictions.

Here is the best way I know how:

  1. Double Click the home button so the screen slides up and shows the ‘running’ apps.
  2. Hold your finger on one of the apps until they start shaking.
  3. Each of the apps will have a small red circle with a line. Click the circle to truly kill the app.

Let me know if you have found a better way in the comments!

Note: Apples restrictions and set up for ‘background’ running apps is designed to not kill your battery life. The apps are designed to actually just pause in the background until you come back to them, but some seem to get around that. The trouble seems to focus around navigation and music apps as well as Skype.
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