So, I am guessing most of you have heard that Apple announced 2 new iPhones. But, I am guessing most of you didn’t risk losing your job Tuesday morning to hang on every word of the Apple announcement. Or stay up past your bed time watching the stream of it, of which you already knew everything about. Or spend the last 2 days listening to and reading dozens of reviews, reactions and recaps.

Well that is why I started layPhone, to give you the info you need from the hours and hours I have spent nerding out on the iPhone.

Here is what I think you need to know:


  • ios7The new version of iOS will be released Sept. 18 and will work on iPhone 4 or newer (All compatible devices are listed here)
  • It is a huge change and will take some getting used to. There are over 200 new features, it will take patience but you will get used to it quickly, that is what Apple prides itself on.
  • Read more on my previous post, My thoughts on iOS7.
  • For all new devices Apple’s productivity apps will be free. This includes Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, and iMovie. If you haven’t used them before this is huge and they were like $10 a piece. Read more here from ZDnet.


  • 5cBasically the insides of the iPhone5 with a bigger battery and a plastic back.
  • Comes in 5 colors. Some new Apple cases to go with it.
  • Starts at $99 on contract.
  • Can be preordered starting at midnight 9/13. Shipping 9/20.
  • Apple’s 5C page.


  • 5s“Apple’s most forward thinking iPhone” (Their words)
  • New faster more powerful 64 bit A7 processor.
  • New M7 ‘motion’ processor for sensing all kinds of moving stuff.
  • The camera has been vastly improved and will take amazing pictures. (The new flash actually measures the light in the room and tries to match it)
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor, amazing stuff.
  • Available in 3 colors Gold, Silver, Gray. Starts at $199 on contract. Available in stores 9/20.
  • Apple’s 5S page.

Other notes/opinions on the event:

  • If you’re looking for a new phone, I would highly recommend the 5s, it has some serious next level stuff. If you can’t justify spending the money, talk to me, I have some good reasons to spend the money anyway.
  • You can get an iPhone4S free on contract, I wouldn’t recommend this though, See above.
  • I have heard a lot of complaining that Apple didn’t surprise us with anything. Well that is because high level tech spies spend every waking second trying to figure out what Apple is doing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing, just that it got spoiled, like when you snuck into your parent’s closet before Christmas.
  • People are saying that Apple needs to innovate more to keep up with Android. Hogwash, just look at the sales numbers to see what people want. Besides bigger screens (just hold your phone closer to your face) Android phones have nothing on Apple, yes I am willing to debate this.
  • Have questions, concerns, comments, answers? Let me know.

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