Let me just say if you haven’t heard of Angry Birds from Rovio, you probably don’t have an iPhone (or most smartphones) or a TV or the internet. According to the Wikipedia article (linked for further reading) over 12 million copies have been sold for iOS alone. There is also a holiday version, a version to go with the movie Rio, toys, movies, etc. You have to check out this video too…

So why am I writing about this game? It falls under the category of huge time waster filler for me. It is a very simple game, you have a slingshot to flick birds towards pigs who have stolen your eggs. Sounds dumb? Try it, there is a free version for each version, and let me know if you can put it down.

The goal is to eliminate all of the pigs on each level. But there is more to it, you get points for how much destruction you cause and based on how many points you get 1 to 3 stars (I have 3 stars on all of the current levels if you need help ask me or Google it for help videos). There are also Golden Eggs to earn various achievements. They are always coming out with new levels and versions so the gameplay is constantly changing.

It is hugely entertaining, well developed and highly addicting. I could go on about this game for days but I will stop if you don’t have it at least try it because it is the most popular iPhone game there is.

Updated 6/10/2019: There have been an unlistable number of new apps related to the Angry Birds Franchise since I wrote this article, to see all they have to offer go to rovio.com

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