The speculation has been rampant, my guess because Apple threw out their old iPhone upgrade schedule and people are getting itchy. While I don’t know exactly what Apple will announce, I do know it will be something amazing that I will be in line for!

The announcement is today at 10am Pacific time, coming from Apple Headquarters. If you want to be among the first to know what is going on I highly recommend heading over to Engadget for their live blog coverage.

Here are some of my guesses for today:

  • Their will be two ‘new’ phones announced.
  • One will be a very cheap multicarrier iPhone4-type phone.
  • The other will be new, amazing, and have me drooling in no time.
  • The new iOS5 will blow our minds with some new features.
  • There will be something else that people will be excited about too!

I am hoping to be able to give you a layman’s rundown of what you need to know this evening!

Note: I wrote this post this morning at 6am and just realized it didn’t post. I was off a bit, what really happened coming up next…

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