So unless you do not have the internet, which would mean you are not reading this, you know the iPhone 5 was announced yesterday. Now the question is how to get one. The iPhone 5 will be released next Friday, Sept. 21. But how can you make sure you get one? All reports show that demand for the newest magic from Apple is high.

Well you could pack up your tent, call in sick for a week, and head to your local Apple Store to camp out. Or you can preorder tomorrow, the 14th. That is what I did for both the iPhone 4 and 4s and it was well worth it. For the iPhone 4 I had it delivered to the AT&T store, walked in with about 5 other people the morning it was released. I then walked down to the Apple Store and showed it off to the people that had been waiting in line for hours, and weren’t guaranteed a phone.

Preorders on start at midnight Pacific Time tonight. You can preorder it there or on most carrier websites. You can also stop by your carrier store, especially if you want to talk to someone in person.

I would advise doing it as early as possible in the day to make sure you get one on Friday. If you do it later you might be pushed out. Happy iPhone 5ing!

Thinking about switching carriers? Here is a great article from iMore comparing iPhone carriers.

Note: Sorry if you are reading this after the morning of the 14th, best of luck to you in getting an iPhone 5 in the next month.

Update: Some reports are saying that Apple sold out of preorders in one hour! I woke up and ordered mine at 12:30. People that waited until realistic hours of the morning will most likely have to wait a few extra weeks. Don’t worry I will tell you all about mine though :)

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