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I was reminded today to remind you all why you shouldn’t buy anything at your cell phone carrier’s store besides a cell phone.

A coworker with an Android phone said that the AT&T store was all out of 32 gig SD cards for his phone. I immediately asked how much they wanted for it… $50. While he was answering I pulled up and let him in on a little secret.

The search for micro SD cards proved my point quite nicely, there were several great options under $20. Now I am quite aware that there is not an iPhone that will take any kind of memory card but it proves a point. You wouldn’t/shouldn’t buy your groceries at 7-11, and you shouldn’t buy anything besides a phone at your carrier store.

They overprice things because they know you will be tempted to utilize the convenience and buy there. Take iPhone cases for instance, you could buy one at the AT&T store when you pick up your phone or you could head over to Amazon where a quick search comes up with over 300,000 results, I am guessing all of which are cheaper than at the store. You can find just about anything you ever wanted too, my wife somehow found a “Coach” iPhone case for $15 (no longer available). Amazon isn’t the only solution, let me know if you need help finding what you want.

So just a reminder, and a little bit of a rant, to not impulse shop. Shop around, find what you want and pay a reasonable price.

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