Source: Cult of Mac

I get so wrapped up in the iPhone world that sometimes I forget about all of you out there that don’t wake up at midnight to preorder the latest phone. Those of you that don’t have staggered contracts so that you can get your new iPhone every year and pass your hand-me-down to your significant other.

Well there is good news for you, and best of all it comes before my new iPhone. Tomorrow Sept. 19th 2012 Apple is releasing iOS 6. There are a ton of new features even for the old current iPhones. Here is a great article summarizing what is new from the great people over at Cult of Mac:

Every single feature that is new in iOS 6 mega guide

So don’t miss out on the great new features (Some wont work on phones before the 4S), here is an article from Tech Crunch on the what, when, where and how on getting updated:

Reminder: Apple’s iOS 6 Arrives Tomorrow, Here’s What You Need To Know

Most importantly, don’t forget to back up to the iCloud or iTunes before you update!

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