iPhone-6-and-6-PlusFor the first time since the iPhone introduction in 2007, I have a tough question to answer. Do I want to buy the ‘best’ iPhone Apple has available? Every year the answer has been simple – yes. I have bought a new iPhone each year since the 4, and each time I bought the top model with the most storage.

This year is different – iPhone has two sizes in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I have been very clear about my thoughts on a 5.5″ phone. I am not a fan of the ‘Phablet’ trend. I have great eyes and value portability in my phone, and I would have been happy with a fully updated 4″ model. I had convinced myself that the two sizes of phones, if released at all, would have the same internals besides battery life. Well Apple, as usual, has switched things up. The two phone models are very close, but a few key differences might have me sold on a bigger phone.

Today I printed off templates of the new sizes to play around with, and the 6 Plus does seem awfully big. You can download the PDF from ArsTechnica here.


Battery Life

It isn’t tough to figure out that with a larger device you can fit more battery. But, the battery life on the iPhone 6 Plus is a HUGE improvement, as noted in the chart below. I use my phone a LOT and extra battery life would be nice.

iPhone 6 Battery Comparison

iPhone 6 Battery Comparison


Both of the new phones will have drastic improvements in the camera over earlier models. The 6 Plus has one advantage though, Optical Image stabilization, which decreases blurry photos and helps with low light photography. I primarily use my iPhone camera for taking pictures, so this is important to me.


From Apple’s site


The iPhone 6 Plus will also have several iPad-like features for use in landscape mode. This uses the bigger screen to give more functionality.

iPhone 6s landscape mode

iPhone 6s landscape mode

The Dilemma

Can I sacrifice my comfort and familiarity with a smaller size phone for a better device? The analogy that keeps coming to mind is vehicle size – do I want a ‘Smart Car’ or the ‘Huge SUV’? Of course they each have their advantages, which brings me to something that doesn’t come easily – blind decision. The iPhone 6 preorders start tomorrow night at midnight, long before the masses can get one in their hand for a test drive.

Probably the biggest reason of all for me to be resistant to the iPhone 6 Plus will be having to eat crow for all the ‘phablet’ hating I have done. I have laughed at, pointed at and shamed those with huge Android phones. I can only hope that Apple’s attention to detail and gorgeous design quiets the rebuttal.

My Preorder

12.12.14 at 12:01am I will be logging onto AT&T’s website to preorder an iPhone 6 Plus in Space Gray with 128 gigs of storage.

The first reason I will do this is that I believe the 5.5″ model will be in very short supply. If I got the 4.7″ and decided I wanted the 5.5″ I might have a long wait. I also want to just give it a good shot. I am sure I will fall in love with it. I have really been wanting to get back into wearing Hip Sacks (the correct term for fanny packs), so carrying it won’t be a problem.

Which iPhone are you interested in? Will you be preordering? Let us know on our Facebook Page.

Deeper reading: MacRumors.com put together a very thorough comparison of the two new iPhone models.

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