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How big will the iPhone get?

How big will the iPhone get?

The only thing we know at this point is that Apple has an event scheduled for September 9th, 2014. This date lines up with what they have done the past several years for the annual iPhone announcement. Now over the last 11 months (yes, the rumors for the next iPhone usually start the day the previous one is released), I have listened to, watched, and read hundreds of hours of speculation on what this next iPhone will be like. Having processed through all that data, and injecting my own thoughts, I wanted to share what I expect to see on the 9th.


This has been probably the biggest discussion for this year’s announcement. The rumor has been that there will be bigger iPhones. A lot of people seem to think that they will be 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens. I understand the 4.7″ but I highly doubt the 5.5″ will be here this year. People need to remember that the  #1, #2, and I believe, #3 phone models in the world are all 4″ iPhones. I really hope they have an updated 4″ along the 4.7″ model that we have seen leaked photos of. Please see my diatribe* at the end of the article on the possible 5.5″ model. In the leaked photos of the 4.7″ it looks a lot like the iPod Air design, very sleek. You can expect the insides of the phone to improve, including the camera.


From what we know, iOS 8 should be the biggest change since Apple introduced the App Store. Last year the look changed quite a bit, this year the functionality will improve tremendously. Most of the new features were discussed back in June, but Apple tends to keep a few surprises for the iPhone announcement. This Boy Genius Report article lists 5 top features, in his opinion. I also think the features they are building in for home automation and health tracking will be revolutionary.
The rumors are also flying about a mobile payments system that could be pretty game-changing for the way we pay for things. Heck, they already have your credit card on file, now you could use it to pay for real candy, not just the crushing kind. It should also be expected that the new iPhone will have some awesome features that no one knows about yet.


If Apple follows the pattern from the last 2 or 3 years, the iPhone will be released on 9/19, and there is a good chance iOS 8 would be released on 9/16.


iPod Nano with watch band.

iPod Nano with watch band.

The very long-rumored ‘iWatch’ or more properly called ‘Apple Wearable’ is also looking like it will be announced, but probably not available until later. There are many other companies producing watch-like devices that have all been reviewed pretty poorly. Samsung has released about a dozen models in their usual ‘throwing spaghetti at a wall’ strategy. In my mind, Apple’s device will be similar to the iPod Nano from a few years ago that people started making a watch band for. I envision a small squarish (not ruling out round, but it isn’t very functional in a non-analog watch interface) device that will have a watch band available, but also clips, chains and other ways to attach it to your body. As far as functionality, this is Apple’s speciality, taking something that exists and making it into something that actually works in a way you need it to. It will probably connect to Apple devices in some way, giving you some control and notifications. Again, I know Apple well, but I also know that they think in ways others don’t, or else they wouldn’t be so successful. Whatever they announce, put me down for one!


The invite

The invite

You can see why people are saying this has the potential to be one of the most historic Apple announcements. Besides the iPhone and possibly the iWatch, there probably won’t be time to discuss much else. Expect another event in October with discussion on iPads, computers and likely some other cool stuff. I would also wager that we won’t hear much about the update to the Mac OS, Yosemite, until a later date.

I could have kept writing for hours, but I will spare you. This post covers what I consider the top points. What do you think? Let me know on the Facebook Page. If you will be following along with the announcement on the 9th, you can look for Today in iOS to release their iPhone bingo card soon.
UPDATE: Today in iOS has released their 9.9.2014 Apple Event Rumor Bingo card.

*5.5″ iPhone – The current consensus is that Apple would release the 5.5″ iPhone 6 later than the 4.7″ and either announce it on the 9th or surprise people a few months down the road. I highly doubt that they would do either due to two major factors:
  1. The lines outside the Apple Store and first-week sales are probably the most important data point for Apple each year; a later release would split those numbers.
  2. Especially in the United States, the majority of all phone contracts are two years long. A later phone or a surprise phone would throw all of this off and not only anger customers, but carriers as well.

Some people think that Apple needs to play catch-up on a bigger phone to compete with Samsung and others. I personally don’t think the other companies are selling that many, they are just such eyesores that we always notice them. It is actually easier to make a huge phone because you have lots of room to jam more stuff in there, like a larger battery. Others are also saying that the 5.5″ would have better specs than any of the other phones. I could see it perhaps haveing a better battery life with the added space, but a better processor, etc. would again just anger the tiny-handed, well-visioned iPhoners.

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