Apple has a “new iPhone” and a classical musical service coming. Facebook is simplifying messaging again, and a Beluga whale saves a phone from the bottom of the ocean. You know a typical week in tech news. We’ve also got two great picks and some great tips throughout, enjoy!


Apple reveals a yellow iPhone 14 (01:30)

Apple captures 8 of 10 spots in list for global best-selling smartphones (04:35)

Apple launches its new classical music streaming app for preorder (07:50)

Spotify’s new design is part TikTok (10:30)

Free MLS Season Pass from T-Mobile (14:25)

Grammarly adding AI text creation (17:35)

Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset (19:15)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Show wifi password in iOS devices (22:15)


Messenger’s finally coming back to the Facebook app (28:00)

Outlook for Mac is now free to use (30:30)

Amazon ads bigger than the entire global newspaper industry (34:15)

Oregon man stranded in remote snow-covered road uses drone to signal for help (35:35)

A Beluga whale picks up a girl’s phone from the bottom of the ocean (37:20)

Bonus Odd Take: Museum of Failure virtual tour (38:20)

Picks of the Week: 

Dave: Sony ZV-E10 Camera (40:35)

Nate:  Meater Plus (45:40)

Notpicks Giveaway (51:30)

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