We’ve got FTX, SBF, IRS, FCC, and NFL news this week. Not what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we make up for it with a great Pro Tip of the week and picks that we got under the Christmas tree. Enjoy!


FTX’s SBF released on $250 million bond (01:10)

Alameda’s Caroline Ellison, FTX’s Gary Wang plead guilty to DOJ charges (04:05)

Twitter (04:55)

IRS announces delay for implementation of $600 reporting for 3rd part payment platforms (07:10)

AI-created comic could be deemed ineligible for copyright protection (10:10)

FCC proposes record $300 million fine against auto warranty robocall campaign (11:50)

Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Use Siri for quick math (13:30)


Google has declared a code red over AI chatbots (15:50)

YouTube paying roughly $2 billion per year for NFL Sunday Ticket (19:00)

McDonald’s opens first largely automated location (21:45)

TikTok admits to spying on US users as effort to ban the app heats up (24:35)

LastPass says hackers stole customers’ password vaults (27:10)

Bonus Odd Take: Bubbles (30:00)

Picks of the Week:

Dave: Leatherman Rebar (32:10)

Nate: 2023 Apple History CalendarEar Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones & Tablets (36:25)

Notpicks Giveaway (45:50)

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