Nate is off in Uganda, Africa with so we have a special episode covering some of the biggest areas of technology in our lives and best practices in each one. We look at different spectrums, even a few pendulums, of these six topics to help you tech better.

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Show Notes and Links:

  • Buying Devices (02:20)
    • SSD for computers
    • Computers – We like App, if PC, HP or Dell
    • Tablets – iPads are great, Amazon Fire tablets are cheap
    • Phones – iPhone is great, Samsung Galaxy S or Google Pixel for Android
  • One Backup is None Backup (12:00)
  • Security (16:25)
  • Taking Photos (26:50)
    • Phones – Turn on the grid, use rule of thirds. Don’t forget to manage photos (Flic)
    • Apps – Default apps are good, probably don’t need more
    • One Backup is None Backup – Free unlimited Google Photos
  • Email (33:20)
  • Social Media (37:35)
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Snapchat (Don’t bother)

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