So I have to be honest on this one. I had accidentally found it a few times and didn’t really realize what it was until the AT&T guy showed it to my wife when I finally got her an iPhone (She resisted getting one forever and the guy had her sold in like 2 minutes). I still don’t use it but feel like I should.

Voice Control is a feature built into the OS on your iPhone. It allows you to make calls, access music and other things via, you guessed it, your voice. I could spill all the details but I am going to let one of my favorite sites TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) do it for you. They just did this article as part of their iPhone 101 series. I am going to share it with you in hopes that you don’t leave me for them.
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From time to time I want to share the sites I learn from if you want to move deeper into the world of iPhone use. I follow a ton of different sites and part of my goal is to take what I have learned and put it in one simple place for you!

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