Apple has a good battery built into the iPhone but on those heavy use days (today while waiting in Traffic Court) sometimes you need a little bit more. Before I went on a recent trip to Hawaii I knew I was going to need some battery help. I went on Amazon and did a search for “External iPhone Battery” and received 2,244 results. I knew there were a lot of external batteries options, and some great ones built into cases but I wanted something simple and CHEAP and didn’t want to give up my current case.

I saw that the third one, the Stitchway UltraPower 1900 mAh (BLACK) Backup Battery Charger(the title is even longer on Amazon), had 3.5 stars and was only $6.80 (+.50 shipping), I was intrigued. After reading all of the reviews and realizing it was a fraction of the price of the other options I ordered two.

Review: First of all I used all of one and half of the other while gaming the whole way to Hawaii. The device is simple and it just works. It has two connectors, one end plugs into your iPhone, the other takes an iPhone cable. You can charge it up while charging your phone and you are good to go. It is reusable but I haven’t done any longevity testing.

The connector does seem a little loose but I think this is on purpose so it doesn’t break or hurt your device. I do have to admit that this option isn’t a “pretty Apple-like” accessory, but the price got me over that pretty quick.

One thing I might advise to go with it is a Cable Extender so you don’t have to hold the device and the battery together.

Verdict: If you ever think your battery wont make it when your away from power, pick one up, keep it charged and with you!

will work with: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Touch

If you have found a better solution let me know in the comments!

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