I guess that is a somewhat loaded question, especially if you don’t have the iPhone 4. I do have the iPhone 4 and I love the camera(s) and apparently I am not the only one. I say camera(s) because there is the camera on the back and the one on the front, which is great for taking photos of yourself (which I do often).

This week there has been quite a bit of buzz about the fact that the iPhone 4 became the most popular camera on the photo sharing site Flickr. They keep track of what type of cameras are used for photos and the iPhone 4 just moved into first place.

A lot of people chalk this up to the “Good Enough” theory, the fact that the iPhone’s camera is good enough, and you most likely always have it with you. I rarely carry my digital camera with me since for 99% of my photos the iPhone is just dandy and until I can bring fanny packs back into style I don’t have the pocket space. Added to this is all of the fun photo apps that let you manipulate your pictures right on your phone.

The crazy thing is this will just get better, the new iOS5 coming out the fall will bring improvements to the camera app and if the rumors are true the new iPhone that will probably come out at the same time will have an 8mp camera and better flash.

Are you using your iPhone camera for your daily needs? What apps do you love for pictures? Let us know in the comments.

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