No it's not her card.

I am not a frequent visitor to Starbucks but luckily I was able to convince the Mrs. to do a review on the Starbucks Card Mobile App (I did put $25 on her card to sweeten the deal).  Here are her thoughts:

As one of many Starbucks addicts, I have found the Starbucks Mobile Card Application for iPhone to be very convenient and helpful when I’m picking up my grande no-water chai latte. You open the app and your card balance is clearly displayed, along with a key that says “Touch to Pay”. After touching that key, you place your order and hand your phone to the barista. With a quick scan, they hand it back and you are good to go. Your balance updates immediately, so you always know how many coffees you can get.

There are tabs along the bottom with other helpful features. “My Rewards” shows you how many stars you have earned and how close you are to your next free drink. The “Stores” tab allows you to find participating Starbucks locations easily and quickly. I just looked at that tab, and from my house, there are 10 nearby locations where I can use the app. There is also a “Settings” tab where you can add or delete Starbucks gift cards, and manage your account. This all ties to the Starbucks website where you can further manage your account, move funds from card to card, add money to cards, or anything else you need!

The only drawback I’ve come across is that the app isn’t yet accepted at many of the Starbucks that are located inside grocery stores. They are working on that issue, though, and have just recently been incorporated into the Starbucks’ inside Target stores. I highly recommend the Starbucks Mobile Card App, especially for Starbucks Gold Card members or those working toward a Gold Card. Happy Coffee Drinking!

Starbucks Card Mobile [free] Starbucks Card Mobile - Starbucks Coffee Company

Side note: If you go to Starbucks and don’t use a Starbucks account you are missing out, we are Platinum level or something like that and get free refills and drinks and such.

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