apple-unveils-ios-7-1At some magical point tomorrow, September 18th, Apple will release iOS 7 to the masses. Before you go ahead and press that update button, I have a few points for you to consider that might save you a headache.

  1. Backup your iPhone – Please, please backup your phone before updating. Everything should work, but better safe than sorry (you’re probably due for a backup anyways). My recommendation, plug it into a computer and back it up in iTunes. Make sure your photos are backed up too!!! Here’s an article to help or this one.
  2. Maybe don’t update right away – Not what you expected me to say, huh? Apple’s servers are going to be busy. If you rely on having your iPhone available, maybe wait a little while and make sure you have some down time.
  3. Be patient once you do update – Like I have said, iOS 7 is a big change, it might be frustrating, confusing or obnoxious at first. Give it some time, I think it will grow on you.
  4. Update your apps – Yeah I’m looking at you with the circle with the big number in it above the app store app. Update your apps now, it can only help.
  5. Backup your iPhone – Did I mention this already? Oh yeah I did, because it is really important, see #1.

I hope these help, if you know someone with an iPhone that might need this, please share it!

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