One thing I will be doing on this site is letting you know what apps I think are worth a download. I will go back and get you some of the classics that make my iPhone better, but I have been spending some time with 7 Little Words lately and I like it.

It is an incredibly simple game, you are given clues and a bunch of letter groups. You then put together the letter groupings to create the answers. Once you have solved the 7 clues it is on to the next level. It is a challenging game that I believe qualifies as a brain exercise.

The best part it is free. There are 30 levels and more coming soon, maybe at a price. Go check it out on iTunes now. Note: It is currently 14th on the App Store Free Charts.

7 Little Words is a game brought to us by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. who also created Moxie and Moxie 2. Moxie is another word puzzle I might come back to.

Side Bonus: I play a lot of Words With Friends and I think this will help me expand my vocabulary in a visual way.

7 Little Words[free] 7 Little Words - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
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